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The Year of the Fire Rooster runs from January 28th 2017 to February 15th 2018.  If you want to be successful this year, you must focus on one thing at a time and take action.  Be detailed, methodical with a sharp laser-light focus to get things done.

To find out what the Year of the Fire Rooster means to your home or business, you will need a floor plan of the ground floor.  Stand at your front door looking out, and take the compass reading to find out your front door direction.

Place the Lo Shu square over the floor plan (as per the diagram below), dividing it into nine squares.  If your entrance direction is east, please ensure the east square is over your entrance sector and work around the plan from there.

Annual Feng Shui is the most important, always cure the afflictions as well as enhancing the benefits, if you don’t then the afflictions will damage your good Feng Shui.

Please ensure you place your cures or activations listed below in the correct sector!

NORTH (Abundance)
There is wealth in the career sector this year which is fantastic for business as it brings increased income and career opportunities.  To activate this energy you can use any one of the following:  white, silver or gold colours, pendulum clock, fan, metal wind-chime or round metal shapes.  This star has a negative side, beware of mental stress or overworking, take time out to rest.

NORTH EAST (Relationship)
This is the star of external romance.  Only if your partner has a wandering eye can this cause a problem with infidelity.  If you have a committed partner then this won’t be a problem.  This energy is good for travel, romance, sales.  Enhance with any of these earth elements: flowers, globes, pink quartz or crystal hearts.

EAST (Abundance)
There is wealth energy in the sector that represents families, oldest son and health.  Your oldest son could make you proud this year.  It’s a great sector to have your entrance.  Use a water fountain to activate this abundance energy and keep it well lit.  The three killings resides in the East this year, so don’t sit with your back to the East – If you do people will gossip about you.

The fame star is known as the magnifying star, it magnifies the good energy but also the negative energy.  Crystals should be placed in this area to hold down the energy.  If your front door is in this sector, then everyone will want to be at your house/business and you will have a great social life.  If anyone is trying to get pregnant, then this sector is a great place to conceive.

SOUTH (Disaster)
This energy is not so good if your front door, bedroom or office is in this sector.  This is known as the bone breaker energy and can cause health and financial problems.  If your bedroom is in this location, you should move bedrooms.  To dampen this energy, add blue and black colours here this year.  DO NOT USE CANDLES IN THE SOUTH THIS YEAR.  Avoid cooking if your gas stove is here; dampen the fire energy with blue and black colours.

SOUTH WEST (Violence)
The violence energy resides in the sector of women.  This is a cutting energy and can sever relationships with women.  Pay attention to detail this year if your bedroom, office or front door is in this sector as there is a possibility of fraud.  Keep an eye on your bank and credit card statements.  You can calm down this energy by adding water.  Women should wear water colours (black/blue), and carry handbags/purses in these colours.

WEST (Conflict)
This star can be associated with anger and depression.  Add red colours to the west, especially if this is your front door, bedroom or office area.  This energy is quite easy to control, avoiding legal problems, gossip and arguments.  The Grand Duke resides in the West this year, so don’t sit facing the west as this disrespects him.

NORTH WEST (Illness)
Illness energy falls in the sector of men.  If you spend a lot of time in this sector you may suffer from flu or sinus problems.  You may find that women will be helpful to you this year, so it’s not all negative.  To drain the illness star use a pendulum clock, fan or a moving metal wind-chime.

CENTRE (Abundance)
The income star is in the centre this year and because it’s in the centre it will affect everyone in the property.  This represents opportunity, income, triumph over the competition.  This energy loves running water so activate it by placing an actual indoor water fountain in the centre sector of your home or business to stimulate this energy.