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The holiday season is my favourite time of year, I love christmas and also celebrating the lunar New Year on the 1st January, plus Chinese New Year – ‘Year of the Earth Dog, which falls on Friday 16th February in 2018.

For many people Christmas can be a very stressful time, but by using the feng shui bagua, you can help to ease the stress and make your home feel balanced and calm in the holiday season. 

Use your dining table as often as possible during the holiday season because in Feng Shui this is considered the place of wealth.  Use your best china and crystal glasses, throwing away anything with chips or cracks.

Entertaining guests is associated with wealth, so hang a mirror in your dining room to double this wealth energy.  You can also display a bowl of oranges in the centre of your table as this also represents abundance and will be doubled by the mirror.

Christmas Tree Image

Where should you put your Christmas Tree?
The christmas tree is the wood element, so taking this into account, there are three specific areas in your home or office/business which would benefit from this wood element.

These areas are:

  1. East (Health & Family)
  2. South East (Money & Abundance)
  3. South (Fame & Reputation)

To find out where the east, south east and south directions are, stand in the centre of your room holding a compass, you can check if it’s practical for you to place your tree in one of these three directions.  If it’s not, then please don’t panic, it won’t be bad feng shui!

What color tree decorations should you choose?
You should be mindful in selecting the color of your tree decorations, taking into account what bagua direction you are placing it.  For each bagua direction I have listed the most auspicious colors to choose from, depending on where you place your tree.

North           –   Water colors: blue, black or Metal colors: gray, white

North East   –   Fire colors: red, pink, purple or Earth colors: yellow, brown, beige, green

East             –   Earth colors: yellow, beige, brown, green

South East  –   Earth colors: yellow, beige, brown, green

South           –   Fire colors: red, pink, purple

South West –   Fire colors: red, pink, purple or Earth colors: yellow, brown, beige, green

West            –   Metal colors: gray, white or Earth colors: yellow, beige brown, green

North West  –   Metal colors: gray, white or Earth colors: yellow, beige brown, green

Centre         –   Fire colors: red, pink, purple or Earth colors: yellow, beige, brown, green

After the holiday season is over, be sure to throw away any old broken decorations or lights that won’t be needed next year.  You need to make room for better things to flow into your life and not clutter your cupboards/attic/basement with things that you no longer need.

Christmas Gifts to Avoid

Watches & Clocks – timepieces should not be given as a gift because they represent stealing anothers time.  You can always give a gift voucher and a photo of the watch you have picked or allow the recipient to choose their own timepiece.

Knives or Scissors – any sharp objects like this should be avoided as these can cut the relationship.  If you would like to gift a knife, please give the person a gift voucher so they can purchase the knife themselves.

Hankerchief – to gift a hankerchief represents wiping away tears and gives the impression that you expect the recipient to cry a lot in the future.

Empty Purse, Wallet or Briefcase – never gift one of these items without putting money in them first, this shows that your gift will always be overflowing with abundance.

Cactus or Rose plants – you don’t want to pierce your relationship by giving a thorny/spiky plant to anyone.

Miniature Plants – if you wish to gift a plant, ensure that it is healthy with nice round leaves and symbolises prosperity.  Miniature plants (Bonsai trees) represent stunted growth so avoid giving these as gifts.