I am excited to announce the launch of my Dowsing Courses.  This is something I have been planning for some time and I am finally ready to launch the Beginners Dowsing Course. 

At the moment this will be taught 1-2-1 or over Skype with follow up sessions to answer any questions you may have once you put your knowledge into practice.  In the near future I will hold group courses, the dates will be announced on this page. 

    “You don’t have to have a ‘special ability’ to be able to dowse, it is a gift which we all have the ability to tap into

    and use for our own benefit and for the benefit of our family.” – Sylvia Morgan

    Beginners Dowsing Course

    On this Beginners Dowsing course you will learn…

    • The Ethics of Dowsing

    • How to protect yourself against the negative energies you will be working with

    • How to ask the right questions, to get the most accurate answers

    • How to connect with the Dowsing Rods
    • How to use the Dowsing Rods
    • How to find out the energy level in your home before Dowsing
    • How to locate and close Negative Energies
    • How to locate Positive Vortexes
    • Learn how to perform a Space Clearing

    If you are interested in booking onto my course or would like to ask any questions please email

    Once you have completed the Beginners Dowsing course, I recommend you practice as much as possible to gain more confidence and trust in your dowsing.


    When will you be ready for your next course?

    • When you feel you are at the stage where your dowsing rods are a continuation of your hands.
    • When you can walk around your home, imagine you are holding your dowsing rods and feel your hands move as the rods would as you tune in and feel the energies.
    • When you can pick up your dowsing rods, ask questions and they answer freely with strong yes/no answers without any effort trying to connect to them.

    Once you have practiced enough to be at the level above, then you can enroll onto my next course ‘Advanced Dowsing’.  The courses must be taken in the order as listed below, with enough time between courses for you to become proficient…

    1.   Advanced Dowsing
    2.   Map Dowsing / Remote Dowsing
    3.   Clearing Spirits / Entities